Unicorn March

Unicorn March is all about support, pride, and celebration, for everyone who falls through the cracks of the LGBTQIPA+ community. Everyone with intersecting oppressions. And everyone who doesn’t fit into those neat, understandable binary models that get more attention and advocacy.

The bi, pan, ply, omni, ace spectrum, aromantic spectrum, polyamorous, genderqueer, nonbinary, intersex, and just plain queer folks whose experiences are so often erased.

The unicorns. The amazing creatures that so many people, even in our own community, don’t believe exist… but who make the world such a magical place to live in.


Transgender Includes Nonbinary

These memes were created to support the many nonbinary people who face hostility and abuse from both the public, and from within their own community. 

Nonbinary people don’t have to identify as trans, of course; and some feel very alienated from the part of the trans community they’ve experienced.

But when the term was coined, it was intended to include nonbinary and gender non-conforming people — and still is.

You can click through to read more about that. Or just enjoy scrolling through these memes and sharing them with your community.

Cut and Paste to Come Out

Anyone can face barriers to coming out. When you rely on someone for emotional or financial support, and don’t know how they’ll feel about who you are, or don’t think they’ll take it well, it’s hard to share something so personal with them. 

If you aren’t sure whether they’ve ever heard of what you are, it can be even harder. 

Knowing that you may have to give an impromptu educational presentation to a potentially hostile audience, and that they might see you as oversharing and hypersexualized, is very intimidating. 

These five short infographics can be used to come out as ace, aro, pan, bi, or intersex; to support these communities as an ally; or to educate people you’re thinking about coming out to.

Each one includes information on why people come out (we’re sharing something important about our lives, not oversharing about sex!) and a little information about what our communities have to deal with daily. 

You can download them as PDFs, or as shareable sets of four images. Please pass them on!


The beginning of this infographic about ace oppression doubles as a quick explanation of different asexual community terms. 

The rest of the infographic illuminates many of the challenges that the community as a whole, and asexuals in particular, struggle with. 

Each slide can also stand alone: feel free to share some or all of them with anyone who needs them. You can download the whole thing as a PDF, with clickable links to the sources, right here


Coming soon: tons of pride, history, advocacy, and fun. Plus: learn how to start a Unicorn March in your own community! Watch this space, follow us on social media, and sign up for our occasional newsletters below. 

Unicorn March is all about supporting our amazing community members. All of the festive strings of bunting on this page are the work of AroWorlds! Check them out on Tumblr, WordPress, and Patreon for much more aro pride. Their Patreon subscribers even get short fiction and essays.